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Thanks all of y’all at 30-30. Me and Alex had a wonderful time this weekend, and y’all are running a great program. If there is anyway I can help, please let me know. I will surely spread the word down here in south Georgia . If you ever need help at a camp, just let me know. Once again, I can’t say thank you enough. May God continue blessing all of y’all.


Lanny Carter

Alma, GA

This ministry means having fun and learning more about God with good friends and family through the outdoors. This ministry also means that I am going to Heaven and not Hell. If it wasn’t for this ministry, I might not be going to Heaven or may never have seen God’s plan and love for me.


Willis Tanner

Eastman, GA

The Lord has used many objects and venues to demonstrate His power. In Scripture, we read of a small boy’s lunch that fed 5,000 and even an all night fishing trip that convinced professional fishermen of what the Lord can do. 30-30 Ministries provides a venue where the Lord can demonstrate His power in people’s lives. Through the events of 30-30 Ministries, I have seen the Lord rescue souls, rebuild families, ignite friendships and empower people to love and serve the Lord.

John McMillian

Senior Pastor Crossroads Baptist Church , Eatonton,Ga

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