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God Dealing With You About 30-30 Ministries?

It’s pretty common that I take a call from someone wanting to help out with 30-30 Ministries. Those calls always excite me, too. Without volunteers offering time, talents and services, 30-30 can’t exist. We can’t serve Jesus, share His message and see lost people come to know Him without volunteers. And 30-30 takes a lot of volunteers to successfully pull off each camp. In 2019 alone, we hosted 23 camps, and we easily worked with several hundred volunteers to make these youth events run smoothly.

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I’ll share with you how 90+ percent of our volunteers find themselves doing some type of ministry through 30-30.

It’s a surprise to some, but 30-30 doesn’t have a “laundry list” of things to do. In other words, folks don’t call, express an interest in serving and receive 20 options of different areas to serve. God has constructed 30-30 in a way that this ministry just doesn’t work like that. Not my rules, just the way God has this thing rolling forward. Let me explain…

Each camp is like its own little universe, with its own components and its own people in the ministry trenches serving alongside one another. Inside those camps are a lot of ministry opportunities: cooking, testimonials, guiding, cleaning game or fish, games, scrubbing tables, bringing ice, raising funds, securing lodging… get the picture?

So why not offer the above list each time someone calls? Well, we don’t have to. I have been amazed that when someone approaches us with a God-given burden for using hunting and fishing to serve Christ and host a 30-30 camp, all the manpower seems to come included.

Since our 2011 beginning,  I’ve learned that there are countless Christian men and women out there who are passionate about hunting and fishing… and passionate about using these sports to reach the lost. We have partnered with some of the finest folks I’ve ever met, simple people who know hunting and fishing, love the Lord and want to combine the two. 30-30 gives them the opportunity to do that!

To date, 30-30 hasn’t begged anyone to host a camp. Yes, you’ll see us out promoting the ministry through speaking engagements and hunting shows, and you’ll see us posting on social media, and you may even get our e-mails. However, when it comes to doing shoulder-to-shoulder ministry with a new partner, we’d much rather the Holy Spirit make that initial contact with the person.

Is God dealing with you about serving inside 30-30? If He is, let me encourage you to pray about hosting a camp, or forming a group, maybe even within your church, to host a camp. The process to start is simple.

First, I invite you to listen to this 30-30 Ministries podcast on the beginning stages of what it takes to develop your own 30-30 Ministries Camp. If you’re feeling led to host your very own hunting or fishing Camp, then e-mail me at brad@3030ministries.org. Together we can plan a weekend of youth ministry through hunting and fishing. Please include your phone number. If God’s dealing with you, we want to hear about it.

Brad Gill