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Lake Blackshear, Georgia
Crappie Camp

Arabi Baptist Church

About This Camp

The Lake Blackshear Crappie Camp began the weekend of April 13-15, 2013 as the vision of local angler Rusty Parker. Although saved earlier in life, Rusty admitted that he wasn’t walking with Jesus like he knew he should. At the 2013 Crappie Camp, Rusty rededicated his life and the fruit began to fall in his life. In addition to being more involved with his home church, Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, Rusty put all the pieces together to host a Gospel-singing fundraiser each year to offset the costs of Crappie Camp. For a number of years, Rusty was the front man leading the Lake Blackshear Crappie Camps.

In 2021, Rusty answered a call to begin working with the Gideons International ministry. This new chapter in ministry shifted Rusty’s time with 30-30 Ministries, but God had a plan in place for Rusty and the 30-30 Ministries’ Crappie Camp. At the 2022 Crappie Camp, Arabi Baptist Church in Crisp County became the new Camp Host. The following year, they put together a local fundraiser that raised money for the 2023 Camp.

From 2013-2022, lodging and meals were hosted at Georgia Veterans State Park. However, beginning in 2023, the lodging portion of the Camp moved to nearby South Central Baptist Campground, while meals and devotions were still held at the state park. 

Camp Managers

Gary & Dennette McDaniel

Gary and Dennette McDaniel have been involved with 30-30 Ministries since 2016 when their home church, Arabi Baptist Church, hosted their first-ever Deer Camp. After faithfully serving at 30-30 Ministries’ Camps for several years, they felt God’s call to become 30-30 Ministries’ Camp Managers. Their first time in the role as Camp Managers was at the Deer Camp at Arabi Baptist Church the weekend of Nov. 19-21, 2021. They now manage several Camps throughout the year.

Gary and Dennette live in Crisp County and were married July 18, 1981. Gary was saved in the summer of 1970, and Dennette was saved in 1978.