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Early Co., Georgia
Deer Camp

Fred & Starr Cleveland

About This Camp

The Early County Deer Camp began the weekend of Jan. 6-8, 2017 with host Bethel Baptist Church. However, the thought of this Camp was planted in the heart of Bethel church member Fred Cleveland when he attended his first 30-30 Ministries’ Quail Camp the weekend of Feb. 6-8, 2015 with his son, Aaron.

With help from friends and Bethel church members, Fred and his wife Starr led the charge in raising funds to host the lodging and eating portions of the Camp at Kolomoki Mounds State Park outside of Blakely. The annual Deer Camp continues to be hosted at this unique setting where families, not just the youth hunters and their one chaperone, are invited to the Camp.

Camp Managers

Fred & Starr Cleveland

Although Fred and Starr Cleveland were married April 24, 1993, they weren’t saved until June 2011. Even though they were saved later in life, God certainly had a place for them to serve. Part of the Cleveland’s area of service would be Camp Managers for 30-30 Ministries.

While Fred’s introduction to 30-30 Ministries came in 2015 while attending a 30-30 Ministries Camp with his son, he and Starr would go on to be Camp Hosts for their Deer Camp in Early County in January 2017. They played Camp Hosts for several years until being transitioned over to Camp Managers. They are willing to travel and have performed Camp Manager roles at several other Camps.