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Montgomery Co., Kansas
Rabbit Camp

Tyro Christian Church

About This Camp

The first-ever 30-30 Ministries’ Kansas Camp was a Rabbit Camp held the weekend of March 6-8, 2020 in Montgomery County. The ministry was hosted by Ben Allen and his home church, Tyro Christian Church.

Before the first Rabbit Camp in 2020, Greg Malcom, Dale Thomas, Brad Gill and Brad’s daughter Rileigh were on a vacationing rabbit hunt in February 2017 when they met Ben Allen through a mutual friend. Ben offered up that amazing Kansas hospitality, opening the doors for the Georgia hunters to finish out their vacation with plenty of rabbits. Ben hunted with them several days and enjoyed his first experience hunting with beagles. When the Georgians found out Ben was a Christian, they shared with him how he could get involved with hosting a 30-30 Ministries camp. The seed was planted, and three years later his home church hosted their first-ever Camp.

Camp Managers

Daniel & Stephanie Owen

After witnessing the first Kansas Rabbit Camp at Tyro Christian Church in 2020, Daniel and Stephanie Owen fell in love with what God was doing at their church through a rabbit hunt. Stephanie is the church secretary at Tyro Christian Church and possesses the administrative skills needed to be a good Camp Manager. She, along with her husband Daniel, jumped onboard as duel Camp Managers in 2022. Daniel also acts as a rabbit hunting guide for the Camp.

Daniel and Stephanie live in Montgomery County and were married Aug. 6, 2011. Daniel was saved in June 2001, and Stephanie was saved in August 2012.