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Fishing For Salvation Catfishing Tournament Rules

Fishing For Salvation Catfishing Tournament Rules 2024

• TACKLE & FISHING METHODS: You may not fish or have more than 30 noodles on your boat during the Fishing For Salvation Catfishing Tournament (hereinafter referred to as Tournament).You may fish no more than 6 rods at any time (unless you paid the extra $100 for additional rods. The extra $100 allows teams to use an additional 3 rods). All rods and noodles must be fished with a single hook only. No treble or multiple hooks.

• BLAST-OFF: A “blast-off” will begin around 7 p.m. on Saturday, August 10, 2024 and be conducted one boat at a time based in Tournament sign-up order. A “Blast-off Boat” or the Tournament Director will call your boat number. At that point you may leave to go fishing.

• OFF LIMITS: You may not fish under the buoy line below Wallace dam.

• BOAT CHECK-IN: Tournament check-in will begin at 8 a.m. on Sunday, August 11, 2024. You must come by the Blast-Off Boat and call out your boat number to be officially checked-in. You must be checked-in with the Blast-Off Boat by 9 a.m. If you wait until 9:01 a.m. to reach the Blast-Off Boat, you will be disqualified from weighing fish or receiving cash prizes at the Tournament. You must leave your boat in the water during the entire Tournament. After you check-in with the Blast-Off Boat, you are then allowed to take your boat out of the water. If you take your boat out of the water prior to checking in with the Blast-Off Boat beginning at 8 a.m. on Sunday, August 11, you will be disqualified from the Tournament and not be eligible to receive cash prizes.

• SCORING: Only catfish will be weighed. Each team may weigh-in up to 5 catfish. There is no limit on the number of catfish that teams may have on their boats during the Tournament. Catfish DO NOT have to be alive in order to weigh in.

• BIG FISH PRIZES: A cash prize will be given for the Big Fish in the Tournament. All Big Fish will be weighed prior to the weighing of each team’s limit of 5 catfish. The Tournament Director will conduct the weighing of Big Fish beginning around 9 a.m. Please be prepared to bring your big fish to the scale around 9 a.m. if you have one for contention. Once the Tournament Director announces the scales are closed for Big Fish weighing, no more fish will be weighed for the Big Fish cash prize.


• WEIGH-IN: After big fish prizes are determined, teams will bring their limit of 5 catfish to the weigh-in station in boat number order. Please wait for your number to be called and then bring your fish.

Fish CANNOT be swapped between boats. You can only weigh fish that were caught from your boat .

• POLYGRAPH EXAMINATION: Polygraph examinations may be required for any contestant at the Tournament Director’s discretion. Cash prizes will not be presented until polygraphs are administered. Failure to pass a polygraph examination will result in disqualification from the current tournament and all future tournaments.

PROTESTS: Protests may be registered two times during a tournament.

1: After the safety meeting and before Blast-off.

2: After the weigh–in and before the check presentations.

After the check presentation the results of the tournament will be final.

RULES INTERPRETATION:  Interpretation of these rules shall be left solely to the Tournament Director. The decision of the Tournament Director shall be final in all matters.